of Transformation 

First Light® Flower Essences No's 1-36

The Flowers of Transformation Essences No's 1-36 work at the level of the personality, assisting us to transform our lives by addressing negative personality attitudes, predispositions and behaviours, allowing us to experience joy as a natural state of being.


Our personality is a vital part of who we are and when it is working with us our life changes dramatically which then enhances our soul experience.


NZNFE 101: Unit One includes 

  • introduction to the thirty-six native flower essences

  • the personality, its role and purpose

  • the anatomy of the personality

  • how to identify your 'power flower' - your personal keynote essence


NZNFE 102: Unit Two includes

  • the twelve zodiacal signs and the twelve primal urges

  • identifying the pain/stress/depression cycle

  • the twelve departments of life and the twelve body zones

  • supervised client-consultation modules

These two units (NZNFE 101 and 102) are part of the comprehensive training program for the Certificate of New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy (101-110) and the Diploma of New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy (101-113).

A Certificate of Attendance from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® will be sent to participants at the completion of each unit.


First Light® flower essences are a revolutionary system for natural holistic healing and wellbeing made from native New Zealand plants. Created by award-winning author and researcher Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and vibrational plant medicine expert Anthony Wyber, First Light® flower essences help restore inner balance and harmony.

In the comprehensive First Light® training program you will learn how to apply the ancient sacred healing method of working with the pure energies of nature. Courses are suitable for those with a professional or personal interest in flower essences and holistic wellbeing.

COST: $170 per day, $340 for the weekend

Half price if you are repeating these study units.

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